Hemroids Cure

Hemorrhoids Cures: An Overview


As anyone who suffers from the condition can attest, hemorrhoids, also called hemroids, can be an irritating and sometimes painful condition.  Fortunately, there are a number of effective hemorrhoids cures to choose from.  You may opt for a hemroids cure that treats the symptoms of the condition, or one that seeks to eliminate the hemorrhoids themselves.  No matter what your individual condition or hemroid treatment preferences there is a hemroids cure that will meet your needs and bring you the relief you seek.

Types of Hemorrhoids Cures

There are numerous different treatment options available when searching for a good hemorrhoids cure:

Medications as a Hemorrhoids Cure

Over-the-counter medications are often very effective as a hemroids cure.  These formulas can supply short-term relief of symptoms, as well as a long-term cure for hemroids.  In general, these hemorrhoids cures tend to be more effective on milder cases of hemroids, as their effects are usually temporary.  Used regularly, however, they can provide effective instant relief of symptoms.

Typically, the hemorrhoids cure medications you will find in the drugstore come in a variety of topical formulas, including creams, ointments, gels and liquid solutions.  You should discuss your individual symptoms with your doctor before utilizing any medications as a hemroids cure.

Herbal Remedies as a Hemorrhoids Cure

Herbal hemroid remedies have been around for years and have been proven just as effective as a hemorrhoids cure and conventional medications.  Because they are made from natural ingredients, herbal formulas can be use for long-term treatment of hemroids, unlike their conventional counterparts.  And because they are all natural, the risk of side effects and allergic reaction is minimal.

Herbal extracts and ingredients that are used in hemorrhoids cures include Psyllium, witch hazel, aloe vera, comfrey, butcher’s broom and horse chestnut extract,  just to name a few.   Epsom salts in the water or Sitz baths also work as a hemroids cure, as they work to relax the anal muscles and relieve discomfort.

Surgery and Other Fixative Procedures as a Hemorrhoids Cure

One of the more extreme hemroids cures that can be utilized is surgery.  Surgery is a more costly hemroids cure than any of the other options discussed so far, and recovery can be long and painful, but when all other less invasive methods have failed, surgery may be a viable option for a hemroids cure.

Another fairly extreme hemroids cure that is usually undertaken only after less invasive methods have failed to yield a hemorrhoids cure is rubber band ligation.  In rubber band ligation, blood flow to the hemorrhoid is cut off by placing a rubber band around the base of the hemroid.  Lack of blood flow makes the hemroid shrivel up and wither away.

Stapling is another more invasive hemorrhoids cure that works similar to rubber band ligation as it seeks to cut off circulation to the hemroid.  In the case of stapling, however, staples are used to accomplish this, instead of a rubber band.

Sclerotherapy is another hemorrhoids cure that is typically used when medications and less invasive treatments have not provided relief.  In sclerotherapy, a chemical agent is injected into the hemorrhoidal tissue.  This chemical agent causes the hemroid to shrink and wither away, thus alleviating symptoms and providing a long-term hemorrhoids cure.