Hemroids Cream

Overview and Use


Hemorrhoids, also known as hemroids, are a medical condition whereby the veins in the anal and rectal areas become swollen and inflamed.  This swelling can cause the anal canal to narrow, which can cause friction and further inflammation when trying to pass stool.

Passing a stool when the anal canal has become constricted can be very painful.  Excessive straining often accompanies this condition, as stool becomes hard to pass.  This excessive straining can further exacerbate hemorrhoid symptoms.

Hemorrhoid creams can help alleviate the symptoms of hemroids and stop the pain and discomfort that hemroids bring.  Hemroid creams can also act to eliminate hemorrhoids themselves.

Purchasing Hemorrhoid Creams

When it comes to purchasing hemroid creams, there are many different ways to do so.  Many people find hemorrhoids an embarrassing condition to talk about, and may be reluctant to visit the drugstore to purchase hemorrhoid creams.  For those reluctant to purchase their hemorrhoid creams in person, there are many effective hemroid creams sold online today, which can save sufferers the embarrassment of having to buy their hemorrhoid cream medication in person.

Additionally, there are a number of promising herbal hemorrhoid creams available online.  Many of these all-natural hemroid cream formulas can even eliminate hemorrhoids altogether, not just the symptoms.  Furthermore, because the products contain all natural ingredients, the risk of side effects is minimal.

One such formula is a product called HemCare.  In addition to providing immediate relief, HemCare hemorrhoid cream can also provide a long term, permanent cure to hemroids.  HemCare hemroid cream can be purchased online or in herbal or natural products stores.  It is relatively inexpensive compared to other hemroid creams sold in drugstores, and because it is an herbal formula, there are no known side effects.

Hemorrhoid Cream Specifics

Hemorrhoids can be of the internal variety, meaning they are interior to the body in the walls of the anal canal, or of the external variety, meaning they are exterior to the body and occur as small, pea-sized lumps near the anal opening.  In general, hemroid creams are typically used to treat external hemroids, but some hemorrhoid creams can be used for internal hemorrhoids also.

External hemorrhoids usually present with symptoms of itching around the anal area, swollen anal veins, and bloody stool.  Most hemorrhoid creams will contain ingredients that will alleviate these symptoms and soothe the anal area.

It is important to treat hemorrhoids right away, as delaying treatment can result in larger and more uncomfortable hemroids.  Again, some sufferers associate a stigma with having hemroids, and because of this may postpone treating the condition.  With all the potent hemorrhoid creams on the market today, and with the option of purchasing many formulas online, there really is no excuse to let hemorrhoids progress and worsen.  Hemroid creams can be used in the privacy of your own home, without the necessity of having a doctor perform the treatment.

Application of Hemorrhoid Creams

Hemorrhoid creams are very easy to use.  In general, a gloved index finger is an effective applicator for hemorrhoid creams, if your hemroids are of the external variety.

For internal hemroids, it is possible to use an applicator to apply the cream internally.  Your doctor can provide one for you to use, if the hemroid cream you are using did not come with one.  Internal application of hemorrhoid cream is usually best done after a bowel movement.

Hemorrhoid creams usually need to be applied to the affected area at least three times a day to work effectively.  Results can differ from individual to individual, but most hemorrhoid sufferers see relief within a week’s time when using hemroid creams.