External Hemroids

External Hemorrhoids: Overview and Treatment


External hemorrhoids, also known as external hemroids, is the classification given to hemorrhoids that occur on the outer part of the anal region, as opposed to internal hemroids which occur in the anal canal.  External hemroids start out as pea-sized growths around the opening of the anus which typically become irritated and can cause discomfort such at itching when they first develop.

If left untreated, external hemorrhoids continue to be irritated and grow in size, thus becoming more painful.  Depending upon where exactly they are located, external hemorrhoids can become lacerated and even infected.  Blood clots may even form in the tissue, causing more pain.

External Hemorrhoid Treatment

Due to their location, external hemroids are easier to treat than internal ones.  There are a number of different external hemroid treatment approaches that can be taken:

  • Ice packs and water therapy- The goal of both of these external hemorrhoid treatment methods is to relieve inflammation and pain.  Ice packs can be applied to the anal area for pain relief.  Warm water baths, taken two or three times per day, for 15 minutes at a time, can also relieve pain and inflammation.  They can also serve to relax a stressed anal area.
  • Hemorrhoid medications – There are a number of effective external hemorrhoid treatment creams sold over-the-counter.  These types of external hemroid treatments work to soothe itch and inflammation and may also numb the area to alleviate pain.
  • Rubber band therapy – In this method of external hemroid treatment, a rubber band is placed at the base of the external hemorrhoid, thereby cutting off blood flow to the tissue.  The hemroid eventually shrivels up and falls off.  This is a more invasive type of external hemorrhoid treatment however, and the pressure from the rubber band can itself prove painful.
  • Surgery – Hemorrhoid surgery, known as hemorrhoidectomy, is the most extreme form of external hemroid treatment.  During the procedure, the surgeon cuts open the external hemroid and removes any clots that may have formed.  Medicine is then applied to the area which further helps the external hemroid shrink up and disappear.  The method of external hemroid treatment is only used on stubborn cases that have become too painful and have not responded to other external hemroid treatment methods.

External Hemorrhoid Treatment Products

HemCare is an affordable, all-natural formula that has proven successful in external hemorrhoid treatment.  It has actually proven effective in the treatment of both internal and external hemroids.  It not only alleviates the pain and discomfort that can accompany external hemroids, but it also works as a permanent cure to actually eliminate the external hemorrhoids altogether.

Because HemCare is made from all-natural ingredients and contains no harsh chemicals it has minimal side effects compared to other external hemroid treatment formulas.  It also runs less of a risk of causing an allergic reaction compared to other formulas used to treat external hemorrhoids.